Levitan – “Dandelions”

The painting “Dandelions” was painted by the artist in 1889. She is one of the most famous works of Levitan, who is considered a true master of still lifes. The painting appeared at a time when the author was in a small town on the Volga. This is his hometown, so all love and tenderness was invested in the work, and it is also filled with simplicity of style and unusual transmission of the image.

The vibrant dandelions create a contrast to the featureless gray background. One gets the impression that the author specifically used this technique. In relation to the background, dandelions look very delicate, clear and airy. Due to the fact that not all dandelions are yellow – there is also a white color, the picture becomes even fresher.

The artist pays attention to every detail of the canvas. Looking at these beautiful dandelions, one immediately remembers the warm and clear summer days, the alluring smell of meadows and wildflowers. These memories bring different emotions to each person.

Delicate and fragile dandelions are made by another trick – they are in a clay pot. At first, it seems that it is quite simple, but in reality, it evokes memories of the native land, traditions and local residents. The thin stems of field plants are very graceful.

Yellow dandelions look interesting together with white flowers that are ready to fly away. They are associated with the transience of life, which also quickly disappears.

Year of painting: 1889.

Dimensions of the painting: 59 x 42.5 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: floral still life.

Style: realism.

Gallery: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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