Levitan – “Savvinskaya Sloboda”

In 1883-1885, the artist often visited the Savvinskaya Sloboda. While resting in this area, Levitan wrote a large cycle of works. The painting “Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod” is also included in this cycle. Savvinskaya Sloboda, located near Zvenigorod, was a favorite vacation spot for Isaac Ilyich and his friends, painters. Most of these works were about spring, and they demonstrated that Levitan had a “spring soul,” as Tchaikovsky said.

The works of Isaac Levitan, including the painting “Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod”, are full of artistic sensuality and lyricism. Each of the more than a thousand paintings created by him are appreciated by both professionals and ordinary painting lovers. The mood of Levitan, a beloved student of Alexei Savrasov, can be understood from the mood of his paintings, which he himself called “canvases of mood”, each of his work reflects his inner experiences, melancholy, sometimes melancholy.

Many people note that this work of the artist is done very naturally and naturally, the effect of presence is created. One can feel how light and transparent the cool autumn air is, all nature in a special way, in Levitan’s way is calm and peaceful.

Year of painting: 1884.

Dimensions of the painting: 44 x 67 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape.

Style: realism.

Gallery: no data.

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