Levitan – “Wooded coast. Twilight”

The painting “Wooded Coast” was painted by Isaac Levitan in 1892, in the style of realism in oil on canvas. The plot reflects all the beauty and love for the native nature.

The painting depicts twilight. The endless surface of the water makes us think about life and what surrounds us, plunge into an atmosphere of peace and kindness. The wide river meanders beyond the horizon. She is quiet and calm, like the whole forest, which froze as if waiting. Nature is not mobile and alive at once, everything goes on as usual.

The author used two extremes, one of which is the image of a steep coast, the other is a quiet and peaceful beach. These opposite sides complement each other perfectly, and combine into a whole composition. Thanks to dried stumps, the plot is filled with a special flavor, which is understood by everyone in their own way.

The water in the river is dark with an unusual greenish tint, it shines against the setting sun, the sky is completely covered with clouds, the impenetrable forest stands motionless. The author uses a warm color scheme, which gives the plot a kindness and serenity.

The yellow paint gives the impression that the shore is actually crumbling. This is really the talent and skill of the famous artist! The Russian land radiates warmth that warms both body and soul. Through the landscape, without realizing it, you begin to think about the meaning of life, about eternity, about love for the Motherland.

Year of painting: 1892.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape

Style: realism.

Gallery: Tver Regional Picture Gallery, Tver, Russia.

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