Mark Franz – “The Blue Horse”

One of the most popular and reproduced paintings by the famous German avant-garde artist Franz Mark is The Blue Rider. This canvas stands apart in the artist’s work, standing out, first of all, by its elusive charm and sincerity.

The horse depicted in the picture is somewhat like a strong, strong man in his prime. The work was written in the original manner characteristic of this artist: broken lines, color conveys a special meaning, which makes the image somewhat unusual – you don’t see a blue horse every day.

The color scheme chosen by the artist is very original. The background of the painting “Blue Horse” plays no less important role than its main character, the blue horse. Not existing separately, these two elements come together to create a new community.

Marc Franz has always attached special importance to the main colors used in his work: blue has strength and courage, but at the same time, spirituality – yellow – femininity, softness, sensuality – red personifies rigidity, perseverance, but it is symbolically subordinate to yellow and blue, these colors suppress it.

In his work “Blue Horse”, the artist used a large number of blue shades, making the figure of the horse very strong for perception. The very silhouette of the animal also exudes expression and power. The painting by Mark Franz cannot be treated neutrally – it necessarily evokes emotions.

Year of painting: 1911.

Dimensions of the painting: 112.5 x 84.5 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: animalism.

Style: expressionism.

Gallery: City Gallery in Lenbach House, Munich, Germany.

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